Contacting the Developers

User support tracker

Bug tracker - [Submit bug report], [View reported bugs]
If you run into problems using NetSurf, please read the guidelines for reporting bugs and submit them to the bug tracker.
Request tracker - [Make request], [View existing requests]
If you have ideas for improving NetSurf, you can suggest them on our feature request tracker.

Mailing lists

NetSurf has several mailing lists for different purposes. Please subscribe to the ones you're interested in.


NetSurf Users
This mailing list is used for general discussion of NetSurf. Subscribe if you wish to use, test or develop NetSurf. Please note that all posts to the mailing list are read and noted by the development team, even if we don't reply.


NetSurf Development
This mailing list is intended for developer and contributor discussion.
NetSurf Commits
This mailing list is read only, but listed here for completeness. It reports checkin details. (If you want to comment on a post here, send your comment to the NetSurf Dev. list.)

IRC channel

The #netsurf IRC channel on the Freenode network is used for discussion of NetSurf development. Developers are usually around on the IRC channel between 1000 and 0100 UTC.

If you're new to IRC, don't ask if you can ask a question – just ask the question! Also, give people a chance to see your question and reply. Developers don't have their eyes glued to their IRC terminal but they'll have it open in the background while they do other things. If you disconnect two minutes after asking something noone may see until after you've gone.

If you want to contribute to the NetSurf project, please contact the developers via the development mailing list or on IRC.

General e-mail addresses

There are several general e-mail addresses that can be used to contact team members. Note that use of the mailing lists or support tracker is preferable, since there are more people to reply so you can get a faster response.

NetSurf browser
For general queries about NetSurf.
For bug reports about NetSurf.
For reporting any security issues found in NetSurf.
NetSurf web site
For contacting the people who run the NetSurf web site.
For contacting the people who run the server that hosts the NetSurf site.