Building NetSurf on RISC OS

This document outlines the process required to get a build system for NetSurf set up on a RISC OS machine.

Last updated 10 August 2009


Getting started

This section details quick-start instructions for getting NetSurf compiled under RISC OS. If you want more detail, see the rest of this document.

  1. Download and install the requirements listed above.
  2. Force the RISC OS SVN client to handle ,xxx extensions correctly by issuing:
    *Set svn$filetypeext ""
    This may be set permanently by uncommenting the appropriate line in !SVN's !Boot file.
  3. Check out the latest source code from SVN, by issuing the following command in a TaskWindow:
    *svn co svn://
  4. Open the "netsurf" directory that gets created, this now contains all the source code.
  5. Read the "BUILDING-RISC_OS" document in the "Docs" directory. This explains how to actually get NetSurf to build.