GTK NetSurf Downloads

Latest development source
Bleeding-edge source code is available for those that want to try the latest experimental features.

NetSurf's GTK front end works on systems that provive a Unix-like environment, such as Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris and others. If your distribution packages NetSurf, you can use that. Otherwise you can download and build the source code.

NetSurf 3.7 source code (3.9MB) 20 Oct 2017

Build instructions

Build NetSurf for:

  • Linux
  • Free/NetBSD
  • Solaris
  • And more

Check out the change log to see what's changed since the last release.


We provide packages for installation of NetSurf releases on various systems.

NetSurf 2.7

Previous releases

NetSurf 3.6
NetSurf 3.5
NetSurf 3.4
NetSurf 3.3
NetSurf 3.2
NetSurf 3.1
NetSurf 3.0
NetSurf 2.9
NetSurf 2.8
NetSurf 2.7
NetSurf 2.6
NetSurf 2.5
NetSurf 2.1
NetSurf 2.0
NetSurf 1.2
NetSurf 1.1
NetSurf 1.0

Framebuffer NetSurf

There are actually two versions of NetSurf available for Unix-like systems. In addition to the GTK front end, which is for normal desktop usage, there is a framebuffer front end for NetSurf which requires no windowing environment or GUI toolkits. It currently supports the Linux framebuffer and ABLE's framebuffer.

Please obtain the latest source, if you want to play with the framebuffer build.