RISC OS Development Builds

The development build available on this page is built automatically from the latest source code in SVN.

At any given time these builds may be unstable or have verbose logging enabled which could compromise performance of the browser.

By regularly running a recent development build you can help us improve NetSurf by providing feedback to the authors.

Any bug reports or feature requests should be posted on the NetSurf issue tracker. If you aren't running RISC OS, you can fetch the latest source and build NetSurf for your system.

Recent SVN Activity

All times are in UTC.

Development Build Packages

NetSurf development builds for RISC OS are also available though the RiscPKG packaging system. To use the package, add the line
pkg http://www.netsurf-browser.org/downloads/development/riscpkg/packages
to Choices:RiscPkg.Sources. See the RiscPkg documentation for more information.