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Final notes from weekend
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[[!meta title="Developer Weekend (December 2019)"]]
[[!meta author="NetSurf Developers"]]
-[[!meta date="2019-12-01 20:00:00"]]
+[[!meta date="2019-12-01 22:30:00"]]
@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ Topics
* Goals for the weekend
* Complete the multi-site parallel test stuff that Vince has started **DONE**
* Migrate SSL certification ownership to the llcache and at least block out
- the padlock work
- * Resolve new Debian packaging and upload
+ the padlock work **DONE**
+ * Resolve new Debian packaging and upload **Deferred to after 3.10**
* Bug triage
* Do general triage **DONE**
@@ -60,10 +60,10 @@ Topics
* Look over the generic error internal query page work **DONE** Daniel checked it
* Check over the mouse input handler rework **DONE** As a group
-* Consider the pathway to 3.10/4.0
+* Consider the pathway to 3.10/4.0 **DONE**
* Consider what the best return-on-effort might be to improve general layout
- support. We're increasingly falling behind.
+ support. We're increasingly falling behind. **DONE**
@@ -93,6 +93,27 @@ Bug Triage
* [[!bug 2703]] - Daniel added a note, but we're leaving it unassigned
* [[!bug 2710]] - This appears to be a RISC OS font problem, Michael responded
+General Layout Improvement Approach
+* libcss needs support for `calc`
+* libcss needs css variable support
+* NetSurf could try and use the flexbox properties and grid layout
+* Continue to try and get jQuery working
+Pathway to 3.10
+* Completion of MVP for page info core window (Assigned to Vince, Michael to
+ help)
+* Completion of integration of that into GTK and RISC OS frontends, with others
+ being given at least two weeks to integrate before they cease blocking.
+ (Assigned to Vince)
+* At least some attention given to GTK focus issues (Assigned to Vince, Daniel
+ to assist)
+* See if we can exfiltrate better SSL session error information such as a lack
+ of cipher list overlap. [[!bug 2719]] (Assigned to Daniel)
+* Verify webp on riscos, disable if too buggy (Assigned to Michael)
@@ -102,6 +123,7 @@ Mostly individual activity here
+* Proposed a FOSDEM talk
* [[!bug 2689]] - Fixed us not to render scrollbars when the CSS tells us
not to.
* Added some extra glyphs to the Framebuffer front end to render the the
@@ -109,6 +131,12 @@ Michael
* [[!bug 2688]] - Looked into the cause of this bug, and found it was due
to the unimplemented opacity property. It's tricky to implement right
now. It applies to all descendant elements, so compositing is required.
+* [[!bug 2705]] - Looked into this, unfortunately we seem to be given different
+ content to Firefox - save firefox's content and NS can render it. ARGH.
+* Helped Daniel track down a breakage in libcss when faced with
+ an incomplete ruleset inside a media query block.
+* Added support for `KeyboardEvent` properly in libdom and semi-properly
+ in NetSurf
@@ -121,6 +149,12 @@ Daniel
* Did a bunch of `rr` and fixed some leaks in `box_construct.c`
* Did a bunch of `rr` and tracked down a breakage in libcss when faced with
an incomplete ruleset inside a media query block. (Michael helped)
+* Did a bunch of `rr` and tracked down an incorrect throbberstoppage.
+* Wrote support for page info status indicators in browser window and
+ content, threaded through html content too.
+* Wrote a monkey test set to validate the page info status
+* Various jenkins frobbling
@@ -128,6 +162,13 @@ Vince
* [[!bug 2720]] - Implemented feature request of closing tabs with middle click
* Finished extended internet test badgering including full reorganisation of
the monkey-tests tree.
+* Fixed [[!bug 2709]] - UTF8 caption on Windows (WIN32)
+* Implemented icons for page info status work that Daniel did, and made it all
+ work in the GTK frontend (GTK2 *and* GTK3)
+* Temporarily plumbed the old SSL cert info into being activated from that
+ button. It's not brilliant but it does work.
+* Began to look at fixing win32 font-width stuff for wide-chars
+* Various jenkins frobbling
Plan for page info
@@ -166,10 +207,27 @@ Statement of work
If at all possible, we'd like to see some of the following addressed before
the next developer weekend…
+* General
+ * Implement any appropriate auto fill auth handlers
+ * Continue styling the generated query pages.
+ * Review TODOs.
+* Framebuffer
+ * Language support for resources (Vince)
+ * Listing of compiled-in surfaces (Vince)
+* Internationalisation
+ * Translations of all messages for the SSL/privacy internal query page.
+ * Translations of all messages for the authentication internal query page.
+* Text layout
+ - Continue implementing. (Michael)
+* Release 3.10
+ * Which means do the work first needed to complete it
+ * And then do Debian package releases, including removing framebuffer
+ from Debian.
+* Events
+ * Michael to do more UI event support in NetSurf
Next time
-* ???
-* ???
-* Consider extending either side, depending on holidays.
+* February 21st to 24th (Fri through Monday) as a full 4 day event
+* Manchester, unless something changes.