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* Update CI to turn on santizers for builds on supported platforms.
* Update CI to ensure `DEBUG` level _nslog_ stuff is compiled in for CI builds.
* Toolchain patches need examining. Consider if we can build with a more
- modern OS for Atari.
+ modern OS for Atari. _Sadly we missed this one_
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ Activity
Bug Triage
+* Group bug for line breaking issues is [[!bug 467]]
@@ -48,6 +49,11 @@ Daniel
* Added `sanitize` target to the main NetSurf makefiles including nice config
overrides. For main docs, see `Makefile.config.example` but failing that you
can run the test suite in sanitizer mode with: `make sanitize`
+* Made it so that CI builds of NetSurf set the `libnslog` compile-in level to
+* Make sanitizer changes to `libsvgtiny`, `libnsbmp`, `libnsgif` etc.
+* Made a bunch of changes to `libdom` to clean up, it's still not `sanitize`
+ clean sadly.
@@ -55,15 +61,12 @@ Michael
* Helped on [[!bug 2606]]
* Looked at sanitizer issues.
-John-Mark Bell
Vincent Sanders
* Added sanitizer targets for some libraries, but....
* Spent quite a while fettling the CI workers so that they will, erm, CI work.
+* Triaged bunch of line-breaking related bugs on the tracker
@@ -74,6 +77,6 @@ decided they're all good so we're not changing them for now.
Next time
-We have chosen the next developer weekend to be October 26/27/28 2018.
-It shall be at _undisclosed location_.
+We have chosen the next developer weekend to be November 2/3/4 2018.
+It shall be at Avon Road in Manchester