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not happening.
* Update CI to turn on santizers for builds on supported platforms.
* Update CI to ensure `DEBUG` level _nslog_ stuff is compiled in for CI builds.
+* Toolchain patches need examining. Consider if we can build with a more
+ modern OS for Atari.
@@ -36,10 +38,22 @@ Bug Triage
+* Added `sanitize` as a target to the top level makefiles in the buildsystem.
+ * _Usage:_ `make VARIANT=debug clean; make VARIANT=debug sanitize`
+ * If you subsequently want the sanitize-enabled library installed do:
+ `make VARIANT=debug install`
+ * __NOTE__: If you do that, you'll need to always run the sanitize targets
+ for any rdepends.
+* Spotted a bug in the `libwapcaplet` test suite, fixed that.
+* Added `sanitize` target to the main NetSurf makefiles including nice config
+ overrides. For main docs, see `Makefile.config.example` but failing that you
+ can run the test suite in sanitizer mode with: `make sanitize`
* Helped on [[!bug 2606]]
+* Looked at sanitizer issues.
John-Mark Bell
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Vincent Sanders
+* Added sanitizer targets for some libraries, but....
+* Spent quite a while fettling the CI workers so that they will, erm, CI work.