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+ Packaging suggestions for NetSurf 21 March 2008
+ This document lays out some suggestions for people interested in packaging
+ NetSurf for UNIX-like OSes.
+ We consider the Debian (and thus Ubuntu) packages excellent examples to
+ crib from. It does everything right.
+ The GTK port of NetSurf requires access to some resources at run time.
+ These are stored in gtk/res/ in the source tree. Some of these files are
+ symlinks into the !NetSurf directory, which is the application container
+ for the native RISC OS build. None of the other files from the !NetSurf
+ directory are required - the symlinks are used only as a way of making
+ checkouts smaller and making sure changes to one set of resources updates
+ the other.
+ The binary that the build system produces is called "nsgtk". There is also
+ a shell script called "netsurf" that will set up the environment and launch
+ the nsgtk binary. Do not ship this shell script with your package. It is
+ included only as a convience for launching NetSurf from the build tree.
+ Instead, you should move nsgtk to /usr/bin/netsurf (or wherever your
+ distribution's packaging policy suggests) and copy the contents of
+ gtk/res/ (dereferencing the symlinks, obviously) to /usr/share/netsurf (or
+ wherever your packaging policy suggests).
+ You will need to tell NetSurf where to find its resources. NetSurf searches
+ three locations by default when trying to load them, in this order:
+ 1. ~/.netsurf/
+ 3. /usr/share/netsurf/
+ The second one is how the netsurf launcher script controls it. The third
+ location is controlled by #define RESPATH in gtk/gtk_gui.c, and this is
+ the recommended way for packagers to change the location it searches,
+ as this still allows the user some flexibility in changing what NetSurf
+ uses.
+ You may also want to change NetSurf's user agent string to include the
+ name of your distribution. The user agent string is build by a function
+ kept in utils/useragent.c - you'll want to change the macro called
+ NETSURF_UA_FORMAT_STRING. It's processed via sprintf, so keep that in
+ mind when changing it. The first two printf parameters are major and minor
+ version numbers, the second two are OS name (uname -s) and architecure
+ (uname -m). You might want change this to something like:
+ "NetSurf/%d.%d (%s; %s; Debian GNU/Linux)"
+ or similar. Please don't be tempted to mention Mozilla or similar - let's
+ let that lie die.
+ If you make significant changes to NetSurf in your package, please ask your
+ users to report bugs to your but tracker, not ours. We'd also be interested
+ in seeing the diffs for these changes - we may be able to integrate them
+ to make your job easier in future.