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Ensure it's clear that Makefile.config is meant to be INVIOLATE to all but core devs
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@@ -8,6 +8,14 @@
# Options marked "highly recommended" have a severe impact on NetSurf's
# use as a web browser and should be set to YES unless there is a particularly
# good reason not to.
+# This file should be treated as INVIOLATE and only altered to alter the
+# defaults by a core developer. If you wish to configure the build of NetSurf
+# then instead please create a file called Makefile.config.override and simply
+# override the statements you require in that.
+# Remember that Makefile.config.override cannot override the TARGET. That must
+# be set on the commandline. i.e. 'make TARGET=framebuffer'
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Options relating to all versions of NetSurf