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@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ There are a couple of Amiga-specific options which can only be changed directly
@{b}web_search_width@{ub} Defaults to 0. Larger values will increase the size of the web search gadget next to the URL bar.
@{b}mask_alpha@{ub} Threshold to use when determining which alpha values to convert to full transparency (0 - 255, where 255 will convert even opaque pixels to transparent). Defaults to 0. This is only used in palette-mapped modes where alpha blending is not currently supported.
@{b}tab_new_session{ub} If NetSurf is already running, this will cause any passed URLs to open in a new tab rather than a new window.
+@{b}use_extmem@{ub} Defaults to 0 (disabled). Setting to 1 will make NetSurf use Extended Memory to store uncompressed images. OS4 only; does not work on Pegasus 2.
@{b}url_file@{ub} Path to URL database file
@{b}hotlist_file@{ub} Path to Hotlist file
@{b}arexx_dir@{ub} Path to ARexx scripts dir