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Build libparserutils (and NetSurf) against libiconv instead of newlib's iconv.
This fixes the bug with lpu's iconv filter causing freezing on OS4 NetSurf. With an appropriate font (eg. Bitstream Cyberbit) Japanese characters will now display. Test websites work, but proper Japanese websites cause an assert which may be caused by amiga/font.c incorrect text size calculations. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=10546
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1> gmake install
- | Note: We advise enabling ivonv() support in libparserutils, which vastly
+ | Note: We advise enabling iconv() support in libparserutils, which vastly
| increases the number of supported character sets. To do this,
| create a file called Makefile.config.override in the libparserutils
- | directory, containing the following line:
+ | directory, containing the following lines:
+ | LDFLAGS += -liconv
+ |
+ | This requires libiconv as iconv support in newlib.library is buggy.
| For more information, consult the libparserutils README file.