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Hook in our own libharu copy in the build.
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- Build Instructions for GTK NetSurf 13 October 2008
+ Build Instructions for GTK NetSurf 01 February 2009
This document provides instructions for building the GTK version of NetSurf
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$ apt-get install libglade2-dev libcurl3-dev libxml2-dev libmng-dev
$ apt-get install librsvg2-dev lemon re2c
+ Recent OS versions might need libcurl4-dev instead of libcurl3-dev.
$ yum install libglade2-devel curl-devel libxml2-devel libmng-devel
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is currently enabled by default, and cannot be auto-detected by the Makefile.
If you wish to disable it, do so by editing Makefile.config.
- Haru PDF can be obtained from, although we
- currently depend on features that the official version does not have. You
- can obtain our patched version from the following Subversion address until
- the patches are accepted upstream;
+ Haru PDF can be obtained from, although we currently
+ depend on features that none of the official released versions does have.
+ The current development versions of libharu are fine and we anticipate
+ the libharu 2.2 release will be fine for NetSurf usage.
+ A recently taken snapshot of one of those libharu development versions can
+ be found at: