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Mention how to change the default home page, and fixed a posterior-related typo.
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or similar. Please don't be tempted to mention Mozilla or similar - let's
let that lie die.
+ If the user hasn't specified one in their Preferences, NetSurf defaults to
+ visiting a "portal" welcome page on - if you
+ wish to change this, you need to do it two places currently; in the
+ function gui_init2() in gtk/gtk_gui.c and nsgtk_window_home_button_clicked()
+ in gtk/gtk_scaffolding.c.
If you make significant changes to NetSurf in your package, please ask your
- users to report bugs to your but tracker, not ours. We'd also be interested
+ users to report bugs to your bug tracker, not ours. We'd also be interested
in seeing the diffs for these changes - we may be able to integrate them
to make your job easier in future.