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Track the current/last used browser window (at the moment, just for ARexx).
Extended ARexx port. First two are primarily for openurl.library: * OPEN now takes a parameter NEW=NEWWINDOW/S to open the URL in a new window (default is to open in the current browser window) * TOFRONT will bring NetSurf's screen to the front (this may be extended in the future to bring the current browser window to the front - which might be better for when it is running on the WB screen) Next is to make it easy to support getvideo.rexx: * GETURL returns the URL of the current browser window in RESULT GetVideo.nsrx script will get the current URL and pass it to rexx:getvideo.rexx Currently there is no way to call ARexx scripts directly from NetSurf, or any way to specify whether to save, play or saveplay the video without editing the script. [clipboard.c/clipboard.h were missing from previous commit] svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=5631
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