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Document HOTLIST ARexx command
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@@ -147,6 +147,9 @@ Returns the active window (or tab if TAB is specified). Commands automatically
@{b}WINDOWS W=WINDOW/K/N@{ub} (2.10656)
Puts the number of windows into RESULT. If the WINDOW keyword is specified, will put the number of tabs in that window into RESULT.
+@{b}HOTLIST A=ACTION/A@{ub} (3.1 - CI build #471)
+Possible actions for the hotlist window are OPEN and CLOSE.
The W=WINDOW/K/N,T=TAB/K/N parameters were added in 2.10656 and allow targetting a window other than the current one. Both WINDOW and TAB must be specified (TAB=1 for tabless window) except in the special case of the CLOSE command.
The ARexx menu will be populated with scripts named #?.nsrx in @{"arexx_dir" link options 12}, up to a maximum of 20 entries. The titles of these entries will be the comments field of the file (or the filename if comments field is empty).