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Change backing store fetch operation to always perform the allocations
The fetch API previously allowed for the caller to supply the storage, this was never used and was preventing the refactoring necessary for small black storage to be available.
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diff --git a/content/backing_store.h b/content/backing_store.h
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--- a/content/backing_store.h
+++ b/content/backing_store.h
@@ -83,10 +83,8 @@ struct gui_llcache_table {
* Retrive an object from the backing store.
- * The caller may provide a buffer in \a data and a buffer
- * length in \a datalen. Alternatively the backing store will
- * allocate its own buffer if \a data is NULL, this memory is
- * managed by the backing store.
+ * The backing store will manage its own memory and the
+ * allocations returned in \a data *must* not be altered.
* The caller must assume nothing about the backing store
* allocated buffers and the storage and *must* be freed by
@@ -94,8 +92,8 @@ struct gui_llcache_table {
* @param[in] url The url is used as the unique primary key for the data.
* @param[in] flags The flags to control how the object is retrived.
- * @param[in,out] data The retrived objects data.
- * @param[in,out] datalen The length of the \a data retrieved.
+ * @param[out] data The retrived objects data.
+ * @param[out] datalen The length of the \a data retrieved.
* @return NSERROR_OK on success or error code on faliure.
nserror (*fetch)(struct nsurl *url, enum backing_store_flags flags,