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Add index parameter to content_open(). svn path=/import/netsurf/; revision=1872
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--- a/content/content.h
+++ b/content/content.h
@@ -20,9 +20,11 @@
* Contents have an associated set of users, which are informed by a callback
* when the state of the content changes or something interesting happens.
- * Optionally, contents may have instances (depending on type). Instances
- * represent copies of the same URL, for example if a page is open in two
- * windows, or a page contains the same image twice.
+ * Depending on the type of content, there may be either one content structure
+ * per URL which is shared among all users, or one per URL per user. For
+ * example, CONTENT_JPEGs are shared, while there is one CONTENT_HTML per user
+ * (because each instance of an HTML page may have different parameters such as
+ * window width). This is controlled by no_share in ::handler_map.
* The status of a content follows a fixed order. Certain content functions
* change the state, and each change of state results in a message to all users
@@ -305,7 +307,7 @@ void content_stop(struct content *c,
intptr_t p1, intptr_t p2, union content_msg_data data),
intptr_t p1, intptr_t p2);
void content_open(struct content *c, struct browser_window *bw,
- struct content *page, struct box *box,
+ struct content *page, unsigned int index, struct box *box,
struct object_params *params);
void content_close(struct content *c);
void content_add_error(struct content *c, const char *token,