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Beginnings of new hotlist module, implemented with new treeview.
Currently it can only open, display and launch entries in an existing hotlist file. TODO: - Generate defualt hotlist when file not found. - Add hotlist saving. - Allow adding to hotlist. - Allow hotlist editing. - Allow hotlist nodes to be moved by dragging. - Allow hotlist visit data to be updated.
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# Sources for desktop
S_DESKTOP := cookie_manager.c cookies_old.c history_global_core.c hotlist_old.c knockout.c \
- mouse.c plot_style.c print.c search.c searchweb.c \
+ hotlist.c mouse.c plot_style.c print.c search.c searchweb.c \
scrollbar.c sslcert_viewer.c textarea.c thumbnail.c tree.c \
tree_url_node.c version.c system_colour.c global_history.c treeview.c