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Clean up saving as PDF
This removes the global PDF_Password interface that had completely bitrotted and moves it into the standard misc operation table with a sensible defualt implementation. This also cleans up and fixes the gtk frontend implementation of the pdf password callback so it compiles. Finally this moves the implementation to a sensible place alongside the other exporters reducing target makefile complexity futher.
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diff --git a/desktop/Makefile b/desktop/Makefile
index 218f60e67..894b51861 100644
--- a/desktop/Makefile
+++ b/desktop/Makefile
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ desktop/version.c: testament $(OBJROOT)/testament.h
# S_BROWSER are sources related to full browsers but are common
# between RISC OS, GTK, BeOS and AmigaOS builds
S_BROWSER := browser.c browser_history.c download.c frames.c netsurf.c \
- save_complete.c save_text.c selection.c textinput.c gui_factory.c
+ save_complete.c save_text.c selection.c textinput.c gui_factory.c \
+ save_pdf.c font_haru.c
S_BROWSER := $(addprefix desktop/,$(S_BROWSER))