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allow monkey tests to specify a redraw area for plot-check steps
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@@ -400,9 +400,14 @@ The window to be rendered is identified with the `window` key, the
value of this must be a previously created window identifier or an
assert will occur.
+The `area` key allows control of the area to be redraw. The parameters are on two forms:
+ * A sequence of four numbers in the form `x0 y0 x1 y1`
+ * The keyword extent which attempt to plot the entire extent of the canvas
An optional list of checks may be specified with the `checks` key. If
any check is not satisfied an assert will occur and the test will
+fail. Multiple checks can be specified and all most pass successfully.
The checks available are:
@@ -416,8 +421,10 @@ The checks available are:
- action: plot-check
window: win1
+ area: extent
- text-contains: NetSurf
+ - text-contains: Browser
- text-not-contains: Chrome
- bitmap-count: 1