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+NetSurf web browser
+The NetSurf code makes use of Doxygen for code documentation.
+User Interface
+There are some basic user guides for the
+[framebuffer](docs/ and
+[monkey](docs/ frontends.
+The [core user options](docs/ of the browser are
+documented which are augmented by each frontend in a specific manner.
+Documented API
+There are several documents which detail specific aspects of the
+codebase and APIs.
+### Core window
+The [core window API](docs/ allows frontends
+to use generic core code for user interface elements beyond the
+browser render.
+### Source object caching
+The [source object caching](docs/
+provides a way for downloaded content to be kept on a persistent
+storage medium such as hard disc to make future retrieval of that
+content quickly.
+### Javascript
+JavaScript is provided by integrating the duktape library. There are [instructions](docs/ on how to update the library.
+A list of [unimplemented DOM and CSSOM methods](unimplemented.html)
+is available outlining the remaining API that have to be implemented.
+Compiling a development edition of NetSurf requires a POSIX style
+environment. Typically this means a Linux based system although Free
+BSD, Open BSD, Mac OS X and Haiku all known to work.
+### Working with the team
+Generally it is sensible to check with the other developers if you are
+planning to make a change to NetSurf intended to be merged.
+We are often about on the IRC channel but failing that the developer
+mailing list is a good place to try.
+All the project sources are held in [public git repositories](
+### Toolchains
+Compilation for non POSIX toolkits/frontends (e.g. RISC OS) generally
+relies upon a cross compilation environment which is generated using
+the makefiles found in our
+repository. These toolchains are built by the Continuous Integration
+(CI) system and the
+[results of the system](
+are published as a convenience.
+### Quick setup
+The [quick start guide](docs/ can be used to get a
+development environment setup quickly and uses the
+[](env_8sh_source.html) script the core team utilises.
+### Manual setup
+The Manual environment setup and compilation method is covered by the
+details in the [netsurf libraries](docs/ document
+for the core libraries and then one of the building documents for the
+specific frontend.
+- [Amiga Os cross](docs/ and [Amiga OS](docs/
+- [Framebuffer](docs/
+- [GTK](docs/
+- [Haiku (BeOS)](docs/
+- [Windows Win32](docs/
+These documents are sometimes not completely up to
+date and the script should be considered canonical.