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checkouts smaller and making sure changes to one set of resources updates
the other.
- The binary that the build system produces is called "nsgtk". There is also
- a shell script called "netsurf" that will set up the environment and launch
- the nsgtk binary. Do not ship this shell script with your package. It is
- included only as a convience for launching NetSurf from the build tree.
- Instead, you should move nsgtk to /usr/bin/netsurf (or wherever your
+ The binary that the build system produces is called "nsgtk3".
+ You should install nsgtk3 to `/usr/bin/netsurf` (or wherever your
distribution's packaging policy suggests) and copy the contents of
gtk/res/ (dereferencing the symlinks, obviously) to /usr/share/netsurf (or
wherever your packaging policy suggests).
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@@ -171,13 +171,10 @@ below. Or turn off the complaining features in a Makefile.config
file. You may need to "make clean" before attempting to build after
installing the dependencies.
-Run NetSurf by executing the "test-nsgtk" shell script:
+Run NetSurf by executing "nsgtk3":
- $ ./test-nsgtk
+ $ ./nsgtk3
-This script makes it easy to run the nsgtk binary from the build tree. It
-sets up some environment variables which enable NetSurf to find its
### Builtin resources
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@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ To build the native front end (the GTK front end on Linux, BSDs, etc)
you could do:
$ make
- $ ./nsgtk
+ $ ./nsgtk3
To build the framebuffer front end, you could do: