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# Working with the team
Generally it is sensible to check with the other developers if you are
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NetSurf web browser
-![CII Best Practices]([*](
+![CII Best Practices](
-# [Project](docs/
-# [User Interface](docs/
-# [Development](docs/
+[CII Best Practices](
+[User Interface](docs/
+[Development](docs/ \ No newline at end of file
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Quick Build Steps for NetSurf
-Last Updated: 15th December 2017
+Last Updated: 21st January 2020
This document provides steps for building NetSurf.
+These instructions use a shell script to perform several operations.
+This script has only been tested with the bash and zsh bourne style
+shell interpreters. The latest version of this script should be
+retrieved from the official NetSurf source repository.
+This shell script is used by the NetSurf Developers but you should
+satisfy yourself that the script is not malicious. It should be noted
+that the building the browser will also be executing shell code and
+requires a similar level of trust.
Native build
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User Interface
Netsurf is divided into a series of frontends which provide a user
interface around common core functionality. Each frontend is a
distinct implementation for a specific GUI toolkit.