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construct all toolbar items from data table
This changes toolbar item constuction to use toolbar_items.h instead of explicit macros. Additionally all remenants of old stock item themeing are done away with and GTK icon names are used instead.
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diff --git a/frontends/gtk/compat.h b/frontends/gtk/compat.h
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--- a/frontends/gtk/compat.h
+++ b/frontends/gtk/compat.h
@@ -178,16 +178,16 @@ enum {
- * Sets the icon shown in the entry at the specified position from a
- * stock image.
+ * Sets the icon shown in the entry at the specified position from an
+ * icon name.
- * Compatability interface for original deprecated in GTK 3.10
+ * Compatability interface for original introduced in 2.16
* \param entry The entry widget to set the icon on.
* \param icon_pos The position of the icon.
* \param stock_id the name of the stock item.
-void nsgtk_entry_set_icon_from_stock(GtkWidget *entry, GtkEntryIconPosition icon_pos, const gchar *stock_id);
+void nsgtk_entry_set_icon_from_icon_name(GtkWidget *entry, GtkEntryIconPosition icon_pos, const gchar *stock_id);
* Creates a GtkImage displaying a stock icon.