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authorVincent Sanders <>2019-09-04 18:25:48 +0100
committerDaniel Silverstone <>2019-09-21 10:53:41 +0100
commitbcb2b7a2c4425ba888f6236890d35a8f2d037360 (patch)
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simplify toolbar items macros
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3 files changed, 67 insertions, 63 deletions
diff --git a/frontends/gtk/scaffolding.c b/frontends/gtk/scaffolding.c
index 50e061eb1..7c68b9493 100644
--- a/frontends/gtk/scaffolding.c
+++ b/frontends/gtk/scaffolding.c
@@ -459,7 +459,7 @@ nsgtk_window_tabs_remove(GtkNotebook *notebook,
* handle menu activate signals by calling toolbar item activation
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_y(identifier, name) \
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_p(identifier, name) \
static gboolean \
nsgtk_on_##name##_activate_menu(GtkMenuItem *widget, gpointer data) \
{ \
@@ -467,12 +467,14 @@ nsgtk_on_##name##_activate_menu(GtkMenuItem *widget, gpointer data) \
nsgtk_window_item_activate(gs->top_level, identifier); \
return TRUE; \
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_y(identifier, name)
#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_n(identifier, name)
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, snstvty, clicked, activate, pass) \
- TOOLBAR_ITEM_ ## pass(identifier, name)
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, snstvty, clicked, activate) \
+ TOOLBAR_ITEM_ ## activate(identifier, name)
#include "gtk/toolbar_items.h"
+#undef TOOLBAR_ITEM_p
@@ -890,11 +892,13 @@ create_scaffolding_link_menu(struct nsgtk_scaffolding *g, GtkAccelGroup *group)
static nserror nsgtk_menu_initialise(struct nsgtk_scaffolding *g)
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_p(identifier, name) \
+ g->menus[identifier].mhandler = nsgtk_on_##name##_activate_menu;
#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_y(identifier, name) \
g->menus[identifier].mhandler = nsgtk_on_##name##_activate_menu;
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_n(identifier, name) \
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_n(identifier, name) \
g->menus[identifier].mhandler = NULL;
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, snstvty, clicked, activate, pass) \
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, snstvty, clicked, activate) \
g->menus[identifier].sensitivity = snstvty; \
TOOLBAR_ITEM_ ## activate(identifier, name)
#include "gtk/toolbar_items.h"
diff --git a/frontends/gtk/toolbar.c b/frontends/gtk/toolbar.c
index aa5585bb4..02097ea13 100644
--- a/frontends/gtk/toolbar.c
+++ b/frontends/gtk/toolbar.c
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ int nsgtk_toolbar_get_id_from_widget(GtkWidget *widget, struct nsgtk_scaffolding
/* define data plus and data minus handlers */
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, sensitivity, clicked, activate, pass)\
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, sensitivity, clicked, activate) \
static gboolean \
nsgtk_toolbar_##name##_data_plus(GtkWidget *widget, \
GdkDragContext *cont, \
@@ -3300,7 +3300,7 @@ toolbar_item_create(nsgtk_toolbar_button id,
item->bhandler = name##_button_clicked_cb;
#define TOOLBAR_ITEM_n(name) \
item->bhandler = NULL;
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, snstvty, clicked, activate, pass)\
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(identifier, name, snstvty, clicked, activate) \
case identifier: \
item->sensitivity = snstvty; \
item->dataplus = nsgtk_toolbar_##name##_data_plus; \
diff --git a/frontends/gtk/toolbar_items.h b/frontends/gtk/toolbar_items.h
index ae5c6bb07..0ed2f2af1 100644
--- a/frontends/gtk/toolbar_items.h
+++ b/frontends/gtk/toolbar_items.h
@@ -82,68 +82,68 @@ typedef enum {
* identifier enum
* name
* initial sensitivity
- * if there is a toolbar click signal handler
- * if there is a menu activate signal handler
- * if the menu activate signal handler calls the toolbar click handler
+ * y/n - if there is a toolbar click signal handler
+ * y/n/p - if there is a menu activate signal handler and if it calls the
+ * toolbar click handler.
-#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(a, b, c, d, e, f)
+#define TOOLBAR_ITEM(a, b, c, d, e)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(BACK_BUTTON, back, false, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(HISTORY_BUTTON, history, true, y, n, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(FORWARD_BUTTON, forward, false, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(STOP_BUTTON, stop, false, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(RELOAD_BUTTON, reload, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(HOME_BUTTON, home, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(URL_BAR_ITEM, url_bar, true, n, n, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(WEBSEARCH_ITEM, websearch, true, n, n, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(THROBBER_ITEM, throbber, true, n, n, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(NEWWINDOW_BUTTON, newwindow, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(NEWTAB_BUTTON, newtab, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(OPENFILE_BUTTON, openfile, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(CLOSETAB_BUTTON, closetab, false, n, y, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(CLOSEWINDOW_BUTTON, closewindow, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEPAGE_BUTTON, savepage, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PDF_BUTTON, pdf, false, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PLAINTEXT_BUTTON, plaintext, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(DRAWFILE_BUTTON, drawfile, false, n, n, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(POSTSCRIPT_BUTTON, postscript, false, n, n, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PRINTPREVIEW_BUTTON, printpreview, false, n, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PRINT_BUTTON, print, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(QUIT_BUTTON, quit, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(CUT_BUTTON, cut, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(COPY_BUTTON, copy, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PASTE_BUTTON, paste, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(DELETE_BUTTON, delete, false, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SELECTALL_BUTTON, selectall, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(FIND_BUTTON, find, true, n, y, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PREFERENCES_BUTTON, preferences, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(ZOOMPLUS_BUTTON, zoomplus, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(ZOOMMINUS_BUTTON, zoomminus, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(ZOOMNORMAL_BUTTON, zoomnormal, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(FULLSCREEN_BUTTON, fullscreen, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(VIEWSOURCE_BUTTON, viewsource, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(DOWNLOADS_BUTTON, downloads, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEWINDOWSIZE_BUTTON, savewindowsize, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(TOGGLEDEBUGGING_BUTTON, toggledebugging, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEBOXTREE_BUTTON, debugboxtree, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEDOMTREE_BUTTON, debugdomtree, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(LOCALHISTORY_BUTTON, localhistory, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(GLOBALHISTORY_BUTTON, globalhistory, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(ADDBOOKMARKS_BUTTON, addbookmarks, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SHOWBOOKMARKS_BUTTON, showbookmarks, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(SHOWCOOKIES_BUTTON, showcookies, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(OPENLOCATION_BUTTON, openlocation, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(NEXTTAB_BUTTON, nexttab, false, n, y, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(PREVTAB_BUTTON, prevtab, false, n, y, n)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(CONTENTS_BUTTON, contents, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(GUIDE_BUTTON, guide, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(INFO_BUTTON, info, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(ABOUT_BUTTON, about, true, y, y, y)
-TOOLBAR_ITEM(OPENMENU_BUTTON, openmenu, true, y, n, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(BACK_BUTTON, back, false, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(HISTORY_BUTTON, history, true, y, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(FORWARD_BUTTON, forward, false, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(STOP_BUTTON, stop, false, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(RELOAD_BUTTON, reload, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(HOME_BUTTON, home, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(URL_BAR_ITEM, url_bar, true, n, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(WEBSEARCH_ITEM, websearch, true, n, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(THROBBER_ITEM, throbber, true, n, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(NEWWINDOW_BUTTON, newwindow, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(NEWTAB_BUTTON, newtab, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(OPENFILE_BUTTON, openfile, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(CLOSETAB_BUTTON, closetab, false, n, y)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(CLOSEWINDOW_BUTTON, closewindow, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEPAGE_BUTTON, savepage, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PDF_BUTTON, pdf, false, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PLAINTEXT_BUTTON, plaintext, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(DRAWFILE_BUTTON, drawfile, false, n, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(POSTSCRIPT_BUTTON, postscript, false, n, n)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PRINTPREVIEW_BUTTON, printpreview, false, n, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PRINT_BUTTON, print, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(QUIT_BUTTON, quit, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(CUT_BUTTON, cut, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(COPY_BUTTON, copy, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PASTE_BUTTON, paste, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(DELETE_BUTTON, delete, false, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SELECTALL_BUTTON, selectall, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(FIND_BUTTON, find, true, n, y)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PREFERENCES_BUTTON, preferences, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(ZOOMPLUS_BUTTON, zoomplus, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(ZOOMMINUS_BUTTON, zoomminus, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(ZOOMNORMAL_BUTTON, zoomnormal, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(FULLSCREEN_BUTTON, fullscreen, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(VIEWSOURCE_BUTTON, viewsource, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(DOWNLOADS_BUTTON, downloads, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEWINDOWSIZE_BUTTON, savewindowsize, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(TOGGLEDEBUGGING_BUTTON, toggledebugging, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEBOXTREE_BUTTON, debugboxtree, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SAVEDOMTREE_BUTTON, debugdomtree, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(LOCALHISTORY_BUTTON, localhistory, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(GLOBALHISTORY_BUTTON, globalhistory, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(ADDBOOKMARKS_BUTTON, addbookmarks, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SHOWBOOKMARKS_BUTTON, showbookmarks, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(SHOWCOOKIES_BUTTON, showcookies, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(OPENLOCATION_BUTTON, openlocation, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(NEXTTAB_BUTTON, nexttab, false, n, y)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(PREVTAB_BUTTON, prevtab, false, n, y)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(CONTENTS_BUTTON, contents, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(GUIDE_BUTTON, guide, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(INFO_BUTTON, info, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(ABOUT_BUTTON, about, true, y, p)
+TOOLBAR_ITEM(OPENMENU_BUTTON, openmenu, true, y, n)