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Update description to reflect reality
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@@ -2613,7 +2613,7 @@ it.all.Form_Many:(Molti)
en.gtk.Form_Drop:Click to select file file here
-en.ami.Form_Drop:Drop file here
+en.ami.Form_Drop:Click or drop file here
en.beos.Form_Drop:Drop file here
en.fb.Form_Drop:Click to select file
en.osx.Form_Drop:Click to select file
@@ -4815,12 +4815,12 @@\Tamount of memory to be used for caching content.\Sreduce the amount of memory. mit AUSWAHL verringert die Größe des Cachespeichers.\Sréduire la quantité de mémoire.\Sriduce la quantit di memoria.\Sriduce la quantità di memoria.\Sreduce the amount of memory.\Sincrease the amount of memory. mit AUSWAHL vergrößert die Größe des Cachespeichers.\Saugmenter la quantité de mémoire.\Saumenta la quantit di memoria.\Saumenta la quantità di memoria.\Sincrease the amount of memory.\Sreset the Cache options back to their default values. die Standardeinstellungen wieder her.