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Fix RISC OS menu entries for delete
The RISC OS key that deletes entries from e.g. the hotlist and the global history is Del(ete), not ^X as shown in the menus. ^X is more associated with cut to clipboard, which the above mentioned delete operations do not do, so it makes more sense to leave the functionality as is, and modify the menu text to match the key. NB It seems that NL keyboards are rare things; Netherlanders are more likely to use an English keyboard (US or UK), so Del is the correct choice for the majority in NL.
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@@ -550,11 +550,11 @@Öffnen RETURN RETURN INVIO RETURN ^Xöschen ^X ^X ^X ^X Delöschen Entf Suppr Canc Del
en.all.ResetUsage:Reset statistics
de.all.ResetUsage:Statistik zurücksetzen
fr.all.ResetUsage:RAZ des statistiques