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add file operations table and make all frontends use it.
This rationalises the path construction and basename file operations. The default implementation is POSIX which works for all frontends except windows, riscos and amiga which have differeing path separators and rules. These implementations are significantly more robust than the previous nine implementations and also do not use unsafe strncpy or buffers with arbitrary length limits. These implementations also carry full documentation comments.
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S_UTILS := base64.c corestrings.c filename.c filepath.c hashtable.c \
libdom.c locale.c log.c messages.c nsurl.c talloc.c url.c \
- utf8.c utils.c useragent.c bloom.c nsoption.c
+ utf8.c utils.c useragent.c bloom.c nsoption.c file.c
S_UTILS := $(addprefix utils/,$(S_UTILS))