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improve nsurl query handling.
Alter the handling of query values within nsurl to be like fragments. This ensures callers never have to care about the query punctuation, e.g. the question mark This also means the strings generated will no longer have trailing question marks which now conforms to behaviour in whatwg url spec on url serializing in section 4.5
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diff --git a/utils/nsurl.h b/utils/nsurl.h
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--- a/utils/nsurl.h
+++ b/utils/nsurl.h
@@ -313,6 +313,9 @@ nserror nsurl_refragment(const nsurl *url, lwc_string *frag, nsurl **new_url);
* the created object.
* Any query component in url is replaced with query in new_url.
+ *
+ * Passing the empty string as a replacement will result in the query
+ * component being removed.
nserror nsurl_replace_query(const nsurl *url, const char *query,
nsurl **new_url);