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authorJohn Tytgat <>2008-04-02 00:43:51 +0000
committerJohn Tytgat <>2008-04-02 00:43:51 +0000
commit0d39c69763f7918fdd884516140e23b4eab51b10 (patch)
tree713bb8ca2d3cb04d1f6caac656d9d04809854dc2 /utils/url.h
parent4b7c105afc4ce7d9cb5b13c95f0bee26004a2166 (diff)
- riscos/gui.c(path_to_url): escape the characters which need to be escaped when converting the host path to file: URL.
- utils/{url.c,url.h}(url_escape): * added parameter 'toskip' to specify number of input characters which need to be skipped in the escape process. This avoids extra malloc buffer juggling. * added parameter 'escexceptions' to specify the characters which need to be excluded from the escape process. Solves SF tracker ID 1910169. Note that when discname in path contains '/' characters (case: "file:///Sunfish#$/jo.html") or there is no discname specified at all (case "file:///HostFS:$/jo.htm"), you need an UnixLib fix as in svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=4069
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/utils/url.h b/utils/url.h
index 9a1b934a5..f83c626f6 100644
--- a/utils/url.h
+++ b/utils/url.h
@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@ url_func_result url_host(const char *url, char **result);
url_func_result url_scheme(const char *url, char **result);
url_func_result url_nice(const char *url, char **result,
bool remove_extensions);
-url_func_result url_escape(const char *unescaped, bool sptoplus,
- char **result);
+url_func_result url_escape(const char *unescaped, size_t toskip,
+ bool sptoplus, const char *escexceptions, char **result);
url_func_result url_canonical_root(const char *url, char **result);
url_func_result url_parent(const char *url, char **result);
url_func_result url_plq(const char *url, char **result);