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authorJohn Mark Bell <>2005-07-16 14:35:25 +0000
committerJohn Mark Bell <>2005-07-16 14:35:25 +0000
commitf4ecaaed31db0aa5d71c05dd3f04dc2833ad29fe (patch)
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[project @ 2005-07-16 14:35:20 by jmb]
- Convert Messages files to UTF-8 encoding. - Replace local_encoding_name() with platform specific utf8_[to,from]_local_encoding() functions - this allows mapping of 8bit characters 0x80->0x9f (inclusive). - All text that is rendered by the RISC OS Wimp is now converted to the system local encoding prior to display. - Lose the horrendous hack that was messages_get_key() - Menu text is now translated to system local encoding on the fly (if necessary) rather than at menu creation time. This allows the system alphabet to change under us and our menus remain usable. - The Languages menu now lists all languages that are present in the LangNames file. In the case of selecting the UI language, those languages which are not available are shaded. svn path=/import/netsurf/; revision=1796
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diff --git a/utils/utils.h b/utils/utils.h
index 27c4be7d6..50623670e 100644
--- a/utils/utils.h
+++ b/utils/utils.h
@@ -62,6 +62,5 @@ void die(const char * const error);
void warn_user(const char *warning, const char *detail);
query_id query_user(const char *query, const char *detail, const query_callback *cb, void *pw);
void query_close(query_id);
-const char *local_encoding_name(void);