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-Name: NetSurf
-Purpose: Open source web browser
-Developers: Andrew Poole Graphic/Other Designer
- James Bursa Developer (project admin)
- James Shaw No specific role (project admin)
- Andrew Duffell All-Hands Person
- Phil Mellor Developer
- John Hoare Developer
- Philip Pemberton Developer
-License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
-NetSurf is an open-source web browser for RISC OS. Its aim is to bring HTML 4 and CSS standards to the RISC OS platform.
-Getting Started
-Double click on the NetSurf application and the NetSurf icon will appear in the iconbar. To open a browser window left click on the icon. Detailed documentation can be found by following links from the default page that loads and also in the Docs directory. \ No newline at end of file