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--- a/!NetSurf/!Run,feb
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@@ -9,6 +9,17 @@ Set NetSurf$ForceVars 1
UnSet NetSurf$ForceVars
+| Detect if NetSurf is already running and, if so, force the
+| current instance to open a new window. Then stop this script.
+Set Alias$NetSurfRunning UnSet Alias$NetSurfRunning|mUnSet NetSurf$Running|mObey
+Set NetSurf$Running 0
+WimpSlot -min 64k -max 64k
+| If not running, then unset system variables and continue
+If "<NetSurf$Running>" = "0" Then Set Alias$NetSurfRunning UnSet Alias$NetSurfRunning|mUnSet NetSurf$Running
+| Invoke our alias to clean up
| Resource Locations
| The following are read-only locations
SetMacro NetSurf$Path Choices:WWW.NetSurf.,<NetSurf$Dir>.