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2 files changed, 12 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/content/fetchers/about.c b/content/fetchers/about.c
index 32a7dbe33..df514108c 100644
--- a/content/fetchers/about.c
+++ b/content/fetchers/about.c
@@ -1057,7 +1057,7 @@ static bool fetch_about_query_privacy_handler(struct fetch_about_context *ctx)
goto fetch_about_query_ssl_handler_aborted;
- res = ssenddataf(ctx, "<div><p>%s</p></div>", messages_get(reason));
+ res = ssenddataf(ctx, "<div><p>%s</p></div>", reason);
if (res != NSERROR_OK) {
goto fetch_about_query_ssl_handler_aborted;
diff --git a/resources/FatMessages b/resources/FatMessages
index 2c0aa068d..e2196510a 100644
--- a/resources/FatMessages
+++ b/resources/FatMessages
@@ -2800,6 +2800,17 @@ fr.all.Backtosafety:Retour a la sécurité
it.all.Backtosafety:Ritorno alla sicurezza
nl.all.Backtosafety:Terug naar veiligheid
+en.all.SSLCertErrOk:The certificate has no errors.
+en.all.SSLCertErrUnknown:An unknown error occoured while processing the certificate.
+en.all.SSLCertErrBadIssuer:The issuer of this certificate is not known. This may occour if the browser cannot access the certificate authority (CA) bundle.
+en.all.SSLCertErrBadSig:The certificate is improperly signed.
+en.all.SSLCertErrTooYoung:The certificate is not yet valid.
+en.all.SSLCertErrTooOld:The certificate has expired.
+en.all.SSLCertErrSelfSigned:The certificate is self signed.
+en.all.SSLCertErrChainSelfSigned:The certificate chain is self signed.
+en.all.SSLCertErrRevoked:The certificate has been revoked by the issuer.
+en.all.SSLCertErrCommonName:The certificate is for a different host than the server
# SSL certificate viewer
# ======================