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@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ If an incorrect sprite is attempted to be used, Tinct currently always returns
error number 0x700 (SBadSpriteFile) rather than the specific cause of the
problem (eg. BadDPI, BadMSFlags or BadPixelDepth) as OS_SpriteOp would do.
There are several technical reasons for this behaviour, and future versions of
-Tinct may return different error numbers.
+Tinct may return more descriptive errors depending on the cause.
SWIs provided
@@ -146,7 +146,9 @@ particular characteristic of the plotting:
3 Invert dither pattern
4 Horizontally fill the current graphics window with the sprite
5 Vertically fill the current graphics window with the sprite
- 6+ Reserved (must be 0)
+ 6 Forcibly read the palette (only use if changing palette outside of
+ the WIMP)
+ 7+ Reserved (must be 0)
If a bit is set in the flag word that cannot be honoured by the current
version of Tinct then it is ignored. Tinct_AvailableFeatures can be used