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\section css CSS parser and interfaces (css/)
-CSS is tokenised by a flex-generated scanner (scanner.l), and then parsed into a
+CSS is tokenised by a re2c-generated scanner (scanner.l), and then parsed into a
memory representation by a lemon-generated parser (parser.y, ruleset.c).
Styles are retrieved using css_get_style(). They can be cascaded by
\section render HTML processing and layout (render/)
@@ -103,8 +103,9 @@
- libcurl (HTTP, FTP, etc)
- OSLib (C interface to RISC OS SWIs)
- libpng (PNG support)
+- libjpeg (JPEG support)
- zlib
-- uri
+- OpenSSL (HTTPS support)
\section addcss Implementing a new CSS property