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$ make
- Once built, NetSurf can be run by executing the 'netsurf' shell script:
+ If that produces errors, you probably don't have some of NetSurf's build
+ dependencies installed. See "Obtaining NetSurf's dependencies" below.
+ Run NetSurf by executing the 'netsurf' shell script:
$ ./netsurf
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Tested on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora 8, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Solaris 10.
- If you're packaging NetSurf, you can edit the RESPATH macro near the top of
- gtk/gtk_gui.c to point at a directory to search, removing much of the need
- for this starter shell script (and the security implications it has).
+ If you're packaging NetSurf, see the PACKAGING-GTK document.
Obtaining NetSurf's dependencies
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NetSurf for UNIX-like OSes.
We consider the Debian (and thus Ubuntu) packages excellent examples to
- crib from. It does everything right.
+ crib from. They do everything right.
+ Launching NetSurf
The GTK port of NetSurf requires access to some resources at run time.
These are stored in gtk/res/ in the source tree. Some of these files are
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as this still allows the user some flexibility in changing what NetSurf
+ User agent string
You may also want to change NetSurf's user agent string to include the
name of your distribution. The user agent string is build by a function
kept in utils/useragent.c - you'll want to change the macro called
@@ -45,16 +53,23 @@
mind when changing it. The first two printf parameters are major and minor
version numbers, the second two are OS name (uname -s) and architecure
(uname -m). You might want change this to something like:
- "NetSurf/%d.%d (%s; %s; Debian GNU/Linux)"
+ "NetSurf/%d.%d (%s; %s; Debian GNU/Linux)"
or similar. Please don't be tempted to mention Mozilla or similar - let's
let that lie die.
- If the user hasn't specified one in their Preferences, NetSurf defaults to
- visiting a "portal" welcome page on - if you
- wish to change this, you need to do it two places currently; in the
+ Home page URL
+ If the user hasn't specified a home page URL in their Preferences, NetSurf
+ defaults to a "portal" welcome page on - if
+ you wish to change this, you need to do it two places currently; in the
function gui_init2() in gtk/gtk_gui.c and nsgtk_window_home_button_clicked()
in gtk/gtk_scaffolding.c.
If you make significant changes to NetSurf in your package, please ask your
users to report bugs to your bug tracker, not ours. We'd also be interested
in seeing the diffs for these changes - we may be able to integrate them