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diff --git a/content/handlers/html/box.h b/content/handlers/html/box.h
index 089c66433..8ab2875a0 100644
--- a/content/handlers/html/box.h
+++ b/content/handlers/html/box.h
@@ -353,8 +353,19 @@ void box_dump(FILE *stream, struct box *box, unsigned int depth, bool style);
bool box_extract_link(const struct html_content *content, const struct dom_string *dsrel, struct nsurl *base, struct nsurl **result);
-bool box_handle_scrollbars(struct content *c, struct box *box,
+ * Applies the given scroll setup to a box. This includes scroll
+ * creation/deletion as well as scroll dimension updates.
+ *
+ * \param c content in which the box is located
+ * \param box the box to handle the scrolls for
+ * \param bottom whether the horizontal scrollbar should be present
+ * \param right whether the vertical scrollbar should be present
+ * \return true on success false otherwise
+ */
+nserror box_handle_scrollbars(struct content *c, struct box *box,
bool bottom, bool right);
bool box_vscrollbar_present(const struct box *box);
bool box_hscrollbar_present(const struct box *box);