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diff --git a/content/handlers/javascript/js.h b/content/handlers/javascript/js.h
index d5af7211a..522dd9879 100644
--- a/content/handlers/javascript/js.h
+++ b/content/handlers/javascript/js.h
@@ -28,8 +28,6 @@
typedef struct jscontext jscontext;
typedef struct jsobject jsobject;
-typedef bool(jscallback)(void *ctx);
struct dom_event;
struct dom_document;
struct dom_node;
@@ -52,12 +50,10 @@ void js_finalise(void);
* There is usually one context per browsing context (browser window)
* \param timeout elapsed wallclock time (in seconds) before \a callback is called
- * \param cb the callback when the runtime exceeds the timeout
- * \param cbctx The context to pass to the callback
* \param jsctx Updated to the created JS context
* \return NSERROR_OK on success, appropriate error otherwise.
-nserror js_newcontext(int timeout, jscallback *cb, void *cbctx, jscontext **jsctx);
+nserror js_newcontext(int timeout, jscontext **jsctx);
* Destroy a previously created context