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+Javascript bindings
+In order for javascript programs to to interact with the page contents
+it must use the Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheet
+Object Model (CSSOM) API.
+These interfaces are described using web Interface Description
+Language (IDL) within the relevant specifications
+Each interface described by the webIDL must be bound (connected) to
+the browsers internal representation for the DOM or CSS, etc. These
+bindings desciptions are processed together with the WebIDL by the
+nsgenbind tool to generate source code.
+A list of [DOM and CSSOM methods](unimplemented.html) is available
+outlining the remaining unimplemented API bindings.
+The WebIDL specification defines the interface description language used.
+These descriptions should be periodicaly updated to keep the browser
+interfaces current.
+There is a content/handlers/javascript/WebIDL/Makefile which attempts
+to automaticaly update the IDL files by scraping the web specs.
+This tool needs a great deal of hand holding, not least because many of the
+source documents list the IDL fragments multiple times, some even have
+appendicies with the entrire IDL repeated.
+Interface binding introduction
+The binding files are processed by the nsgenbind tool to generate c
+source code which implements the interfaces within the javascript
+The bindings are specific to a javascript engine, the DOM library, the
+CSS library and the browser. In this case that is the tuple of
+duktape, libdom, libcss and NetSurf.
+In principle other engines or libraries could be substituted
+(historicaly NetSurf unsucessfully tried to use spidermonkey) but the
+engineering to do so is formidable.
+The bindings are kept the sorce rpository within the duktape
+javascript handler content/handlers/javascript/duktape/
+The root binding which contains all the interfaces initroduced into
+the javascript programs initial execution context is nesurf.bnd this
+references all the WebIDL to be bound and includes all additional
+binding definitions to implement the interfaces.
+The bindings are a Domain Specific Language (DSL) which allows
+implementations to be added to each WebIDL method.