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Cause a browser window to reload its current content.
Expect responses similar to a GO command.
+* `WINDOW EXEC WIN` _%id%_ _%str%_
+ Cause a browser window to execute some javascript. It won't
+ work if the window doesn't have a *finished* HTML content.
+ This will send a `WINDOW JS WIN` _%id%_ `RET` `TRUE`/`FALSE`
+ where `FALSE` indicates that some issue prevented the injection of
+ the script.
### Login commands
-* `LOGIN USERNAME` _%id%_ _%str_
+* `LOGIN USERNAME` _%id%_ _%str%_
Set the username for the login
-* `LOGIN PASSWORD` _%id%_ _%str_
+* `LOGIN PASSWORD` _%id%_ _%str%_
Set the password for the login