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@@ -198,9 +198,10 @@ NetSurf's ARexx port is called NETSURF.
Commands are:
Opens URL in current window or a new window/tab if NEWWINDOW/NEWTAB is specified. Saves the location without displaying if SAVEAS and a filename is specified (SAVEAS available in 2.6325)
Note that if the URL is non-ASCII it is expected to be encoded in UTF-8 (file: references should always be in local charset due to filesystem limitations). Usually this is not relevant, as all normalised URLs will be in their ASCII form.
+ACTIVE forces a NEWTAB to be switched to even if this wouldn't normally be the case (available in 3.6)
@{b}SAVE FILENAME/A,W=WINDOW/K/N,T=TAB/K/N@{ub} (2.6027)
Saves current page source to FILENAME