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diff --git a/riscos/bitmap.h b/riscos/bitmap.h
index 1b7d1b9a9..1ae50fd71 100644
--- a/riscos/bitmap.h
+++ b/riscos/bitmap.h
@@ -19,11 +19,15 @@
+/** bitmap operations table */
+struct gui_bitmap_table *riscos_bitmap_table;
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "oslib/osspriteop.h"
#include "image/bitmap.h"
-#define BITMAP_SAVE_FULL_ALPHA (1 << 0) /** save with full alpha channel (if not opaque) */
+/** save with full alpha channel (if not opaque) */
+#define BITMAP_SAVE_FULL_ALPHA (1 << 0)
struct osspriteop_area;
@@ -36,6 +40,15 @@ struct bitmap {
osspriteop_area *sprite_area; /** Uncompressed data, or NULL */
-void bitmap_overlay_sprite(struct bitmap *bitmap, const osspriteop_header *s);
+void riscos_bitmap_overlay_sprite(struct bitmap *bitmap, const osspriteop_header *s);
+void riscos_bitmap_destroy(void *vbitmap);
+void *riscos_bitmap_create(int width, int height, unsigned int state);
+unsigned char *riscos_bitmap_get_buffer(void *vbitmap);
+void riscos_bitmap_modified(void *vbitmap);
+int riscos_bitmap_get_width(void *vbitmap);
+int riscos_bitmap_get_height(void *vbitmap);
+size_t riscos_bitmap_get_rowstride(void *vbitmap);
+bool riscos_bitmap_get_opaque(void *vbitmap);
+bool riscos_bitmap_save(void *vbitmap, const char *path, unsigned flags);