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diff --git a/utils/messages.h b/utils/messages.h
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--- a/utils/messages.h
+++ b/utils/messages.h
@@ -14,15 +14,19 @@
* messages_load() to read the file into memory. To lookup a key, use
* messages_get("key").
- * Only the first MAX_KEY_LENGTH (currently 24) characters of the key are
- * significant.
+ * It can also load additional messages files into different contexts and allow
+ * you to look up values in it independantly from the standard shared Messages
+ * file table. Use the _ctx versions of the functions to do this.
+#include "netsurf/utils/hashtable.h"
void messages_load(const char *path);
+struct hash_table *messages_load_ctx(const char *path, struct hash_table *ctx);
+const char *messages_get_ctx(const char *key, struct hash_table *ctx);
const char *messages_get(const char *key);
-void messages_dump(void);