Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Duktape: Make declarations match definitions for duk_raw_read_xxx_beMichael Drake2017-03-231-6/+6
* Merge branch 'tlsa/duktape2'Michael Drake2017-03-237-21034/+24912
| * Duktape: Prevent clang static analysis.Michael Drake2017-03-231-0/+3
| * Duktape 2.X: duk_error now returns a duk_ret_tMichael Drake2017-03-233-10/+6
| * Duktape 2.x: duk_safe_call callbacks now have a void ptr user data param.Michael Drake2017-03-231-5/+5
| * Duktape 2.X: Update to Duktape 2.0.2.Michael Drake2017-03-234-21021/+24900
* HTML content handler: Don't let aborted contents get stuck in LOADING.Michael Drake2017-03-231-0/+1
* HTML object fetch handler: Remove bogus parent content state assertion.Michael Drake2017-03-231-2/+0
* Improve content logging with content IDs (pointer values).Michael Drake2017-03-232-6/+10
* Add heap fault injection generator into testsVincent Sanders2017-03-224-43/+235
* Allow for more varied notification backmsgsChris Young2017-03-213-4/+30
* fix mime sniff test with comment tagVincent Sanders2017-03-201-1/+1
* extend mime sniff coverage with bad mp4 testsVincent Sanders2017-03-201-11/+51
* Try to avoid extraneous progress notificationsChris Young2017-03-201-4/+7
* Enable displaying download progress within a notification.Chris Young2017-03-204-7/+53
* extend mime sniffing tests to cover rss and atom feed detectionVincent Sanders2017-03-201-4/+34
* extend mime sniffing test coverage to most of current implementationVincent Sanders2017-03-201-0/+111
* add mime sniffing test cases for more header content typesVincent Sanders2017-03-201-0/+252
* extend mime sniffing test coverageVincent Sanders2017-03-201-3/+371
* mimimal mime sniffing testVincent Sanders2017-03-203-4/+112
* reduce hlcache handle api usage in mimesniffVincent Sanders2017-03-194-13/+12
* make mimesniffing use core stringsVincent Sanders2017-03-193-228/+134
* rework corestring implementationVincent Sanders2017-03-193-1165/+430
* add test to messages buffer lookup apiVincent Sanders2017-03-141-0/+23
* free resources in messages testVincent Sanders2017-03-141-0/+9
* add additional string handling testsVincent Sanders2017-03-141-0/+39
* extend human readable size tests to cover buffer cyclingVincent Sanders2017-03-141-0/+25
* have more comprehensive separate test case for snstrjoinVincent Sanders2017-03-141-17/+101
* add utility string handlingVincent Sanders2017-03-141-0/+60
* improve numerical ipv6 urldb prefix search test coverageVincent Sanders2017-03-131-0/+12
* fix urldb numerical v6 address handlingVincent Sanders2017-03-132-6/+25
* iterate urldb v6 numerical adresses as well as ipv4Vincent Sanders2017-03-131-4/+34
* add urldb tests for content type settingVincent Sanders2017-03-132-19/+23
* make the urldb content type setting API return an errorVincent Sanders2017-03-132-4/+8
* add urldb tests for urls which cannot be foundVincent Sanders2017-03-131-0/+45
* add persistance flag tests to urldbVincent Sanders2017-03-133-30/+91
* make urldb persistance setting API return an errorVincent Sanders2017-03-132-8/+12
* extend the session addition test with all the urls from the add/set/get testVincent Sanders2017-03-131-9/+20
* extend urldb tests with url creation, setting and getting operationsVincent Sanders2017-03-131-43/+105
* change urldb_set_title API to return an error statusVincent Sanders2017-03-132-14/+24
* extend nsurl component API test caseVincent Sanders2017-03-101-25/+46
* extend nsurl parent API testsVincent Sanders2017-03-101-48/+67
* add nsurl get_utf8 test caseVincent Sanders2017-03-101-7/+80
* nsurl tests were not exercising unicodeVincent Sanders2017-03-101-0/+3
* replace tmpnam with something more suitable for the test filesVincent Sanders2017-03-092-7/+30
* fix compilation warnings in urldb testVincent Sanders2017-03-091-18/+10
* actually check the generated database files against reference test dataVincent Sanders2017-03-085-2/+138
* remove urldb_add_host and path from public APIVincent Sanders2017-03-083-255/+225
* make update data api return an resultVincent Sanders2017-03-082-4/+8
* use robust handling of time_t value (de)serialisationVincent Sanders2017-03-081-6/+35