Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Remove dead codeChris Young2015-01-281-61/+0
* Improve metadata deserialisation to only update object on successVincent Sanders2015-01-281-22/+46
* Fixup font.c a bit better for OS3Chris Young2015-01-283-6/+160
* Replace the custom stringview class with a standard string gadget under OS3Chris Young2015-01-271-13/+8
* Revert removal of implied table adding.Michael Drake2015-01-271-2/+52
* Don't use optimisation when building for OS3Chris Young2015-01-272-3/+3
* We need the library interface of listbrowser.gadgetChris Young2015-01-271-2/+2
* Demand a more sensible (ie. existant) version of locale and datatypesChris Young2015-01-271-2/+2
* Copy'n'paste errorChris Young2015-01-261-1/+1
* Add missing includeChris Young2015-01-261-0/+1
* Move everything else over to using the class pointers.Chris Young2015-01-2614-292/+315
* Convert the rest of gui.c to use class pointers directlyChris Young2015-01-253-25/+50
* Ensure we have the class pointerChris Young2015-01-252-5/+7
* Fix build on OS3Chris Young2015-01-252-4/+33
* Open BOOPSI/ReAction classes using the new-style methods.Chris Young2015-01-254-99/+161
* Remove unused variables.Michael Drake2015-01-241-3/+0
* Remove redundant implied table insertion.Michael Drake2015-01-241-49/+2
* Remove redundant remove() call.Michael Drake2015-01-231-11/+3
* Fix failure to save hotlist when there was no previous file.Michael Drake2015-01-231-3/+8
* Fix typoChris Young2015-01-223-3/+3
* Correct yearChris Young2015-01-222-2/+2
* Fix a missed p96AllocBitMapChris Young2015-01-202-8/+2
* Add missing filesChris Young2015-01-202-0/+113
* Add missing headersChris Young2015-01-206-4/+14
* Abstract p96WPA, although it still needs P96 currentlyChris Young2015-01-202-13/+4
* Abstract P96 functions away so we can decide what to use at run-time.Chris Young2015-01-206-31/+30
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Young2015-01-2027-168/+565
| * Remove some p96 usageChris Young2015-01-206-4/+21
| * Fix classes pathsChris Young2015-01-201-2/+2
| * RefreshSetGadgetAttrs replacement for OS3Chris Young2015-01-202-1/+32
| * Minor OS3 fixesChris Young2015-01-192-2/+14
| * Take out some more code which won't work on OS3Chris Young2015-01-193-1/+11
| * Cast timeval.usec calculations to int as AmigaOS3 has some conflicting header...Chris Young2015-01-191-3/+3
| * The OS3 build doesn't appear to like non-specific layout groupsChris Young2015-01-192-2/+5
| * Fix remaining linker errorsChris Young2015-01-184-3/+33
| * Fix some easy OS3 linker errorsChris Young2015-01-185-4/+26
| * More OS3 compilation fixesChris Young2015-01-1810-31/+84
| * More OS3 fixesChris Young2015-01-188-17/+98
| * Fixup icon.c for OS3Chris Young2015-01-181-38/+36
| * Lower requested library versionsChris Young2015-01-181-24/+24
| * Fixup history_local.c for OS3Chris Young2015-01-181-1/+1
| * Fixup gui_options.c for OS3Chris Young2015-01-182-2/+10
| * Fixup gui.c enough to make it compile for OS3Chris Young2015-01-182-3/+17
| * Attempt to fix some OS3 build errors in gui.cChris Young2015-01-173-37/+155
* | Clear a selection after it has been copied, as per the AmigaOS Style GuideChris Young2015-01-172-1/+7
* Make adding NetSurf to launch-handler more robust:Chris Young2015-01-173-43/+45
* Remove unused variableChris Young2015-01-151-2/+1
* Change another instance of the tab number being used as identification. Now ...Chris Young2015-01-151-8/+3
* Use clicktab node addresses rather than clicktab numbers. This fixes #2254.Chris Young2015-01-151-12/+8
* avoid a crash when switching tabsChris Young2015-01-131-2/+1