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* Merge LibCSS port to trunk.John Mark Bell2009-07-231-6/+4
* Scale font sizes, for better accuracy.John Mark Bell2009-07-211-3/+3
* Refactor text plotter and other font functions to remove dependency on CSS.John Mark Bell2009-07-211-58/+44
* Minor positional changes. This code probably needs a rethink as it doesn't c...Chris Young2009-07-021-2/+3
* Revert accidental changeChris Young2009-06-201-1/+1
* Modify correct RastPortChris Young2009-06-201-2/+2
* Support option_font_defaultChris Young2009-06-201-2/+26
* Adjust minimum font sizeChris Young2009-05-091-2/+2
* Fix warningsChris Young2009-04-181-13/+14
* Remove option_quick_text (local charset text printing)Chris Young2009-04-011-287/+122
* fix text co-ordinateChris Young2009-03-291-2/+2
* Fix actual_xChris Young2009-03-281-1/+2
* Port our UTF-8 routines to parserutils (only enabled when building against Hu...John Mark Bell2009-02-171-6/+4
* It's probably a good idea to free memory once we've finished with it.Chris Young2009-01-241-5/+10
* Implement bold and italic font rendering for Unicode display and make it the ...Chris Young2009-01-201-16/+70
* position in string was off by oneChris Young2009-01-181-3/+29
* Complete Unicode text display implementation bar styles (bold, italic)Chris Young2009-01-171-17/+48
* Most nsfont placement routines done for UTF-8 printing, missing the odd chara...Chris Young2009-01-171-23/+122
* nsfont_width implemented for Unicode textChris Young2009-01-161-54/+58
* Spacing perfect, text now printing correctly on baseline.Chris Young2009-01-151-6/+6
* Much faster Unicode text display (still slower than local charset mode though)Chris Young2009-01-151-43/+14
* Unicode text display. Painfully slow and needs some work wrt text alignment,...Chris Young2008-12-271-2/+33
* Minor improvements to output.Chris Young2008-12-131-18/+2
* Code cleanup, removed remnants of ttengine experimental code (way too slow to beChris Young2008-09-151-94/+6
* Fixed bold/italic stylesChris Young2008-09-151-7/+42
* Experimental font code to plot Unicode text.Chris Young2008-08-301-6/+177
* Improved text reflow moreChris Young2008-08-261-12/+31
* Work on local charset encoded strings for improved layout.Chris Young2008-08-261-7/+25
* Code cleanup.Chris Young2008-08-211-1/+2
* Close fonts properly and default back to initial RastPort font.Chris Young2008-08-171-6/+18
* Fixed font stylesChris Young2008-08-121-25/+30
* Added code to set correct font.Chris Young2008-08-101-0/+97
* Functions now return correct values for proper text formatting.Chris Young2008-08-091-20/+21
* Basic plotter functions and support code for the plotters.Chris Young2008-08-071-3/+37
* Initial Amiga port files, mostly empty stub functions.Chris Young2008-08-021-0/+83