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* Add favicon to iconification iconChris Young2011-10-071-1/+2
* Iconfication; only enabled when running on WB screen at presentChris Young2011-07-031-0/+2
* Merge branches/jmb/content-factory to trunkJohn Mark Bell2011-05-061-13/+7
* ConstifyJohn Mark Bell2011-02-141-1/+1
* Pass clip rect as struct through content_redraw api. Update the front ends t...Michael Drake2011-02-131-2/+3
* Fix compilation when WITH_AMIGA_ICON is not definedJohn Mark Bell2011-01-061-0/+2
* Support ColourIconsChris Young2010-10-311-2/+2
* Amiga icon loader. Treeviews will now use the user's icons for content types.Chris Young2010-10-301-0/+47