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* Extended documentationOle Loots2013-12-291-1/+4
* Do not use tmpnam() but a custom function.Ole Loots2013-12-291-4/+47
* Added commentsOle Loots2013-11-241-0/+1
* Fix "View Source" by setting first byte of cmdline to length of cmdlineOle Loots2013-11-241-32/+11
* move options includeVincent Sanders2013-05-281-1/+1
* fix errors introduced in refactorVincent Sanders2013-02-181-1/+2
* rename flags for browser_window routines to be shorterVincent Sanders2013-02-181-6/+6
* change browser_window_create and refactor all callsitesVincent Sanders2013-02-181-10/+24
* browser_window_navigate refactorVincent Sanders2013-02-181-9/+25
* Prefixed gemtk module functions.Ole Loots2013-01-221-2/+2
* Started to move the search form into the browser window.Ole Loots2013-01-111-33/+34
* code formatingOle Loots2013-01-091-8/+8
* Merge branch 'master' into mono/removing-windom-dependencyOle Loots2013-01-091-2/+2
| * Fixes for new clipboard interface.Ole Loots2013-01-091-2/+2
* | Implemented language and font renderer popups.Ole Loots2013-01-071-1/+1
* | Finally it compiles without WinDom - still some things to bring back:Ole Loots2013-01-071-26/+40
* | Removed browser.h/.cOle Loots2013-01-031-9/+10
* | Moved form handling into gemtk,Ole Loots2012-12-311-2/+3
* | Context menu now opens at the correct location.Ole Loots2012-12-061-2/+2
* | Refactored a lot of browser window code,... still totally WIP.Ole Loots2012-11-271-1/+1
* | Start to remove windom, wip.Ole Loots2012-11-181-1/+1
* Added is_process_runningOle Loots2012-08-271-12/+22
* add includes to get browser private struct on atariVincent Sanders2012-08-221-0/+1
* Avoid box_at_point.Michael Drake2012-08-201-33/+5
* Fix access to context data URL char *.Ole Loots2012-07-141-15/+15
* Plotter refactor: removed one plotter abraction layer.Ole Loots2012-07-131-28/+28
* Show alert when no editor option is configured.Ole Loots2012-06-231-6/+8
* Added "Save link as..." context menu item. Ole Loots2012-06-041-9/+21
* NetSurf options rework (a=vince r=daniels,jmb)Vincent Sanders2012-03-221-6/+7
* Re-Enabled "View Source"Ole Loots2011-12-151-3/+8
* content_get_url -> hlcache_handle_get_url, content__get_url -> content_get_urlJohn Mark Bell2011-12-041-6/+6
* I'm actually trying to simplify the frontend code, changes:Ole Loots2011-11-281-5/+13
* Added missing scroll position. Ole Loots2011-10-131-46/+52
* Fix up for nsurl changes. Untested.Michael Drake2011-10-031-192/+192
* Added "view source" to context menu. Ole Loots2011-09-201-4/+45
* Added context menu, Ole Loots2011-09-191-0/+221