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* Remove from poll on abort. Fix loglevelsashmew2/nskolibriosAshish Gupta2017-10-291-56/+35
* Debugging : Squash / undo this commit later.Ashish Gupta2017-10-291-8/+59
* Fix infinite fetching processing in http fetcherAshish Gupta2017-10-261-18/+22
* Use libnslog.Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-41/+38
* Fix polling of http connections when going through linked list.Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-14/+17
* Fix debug. When rebasing, do not preserveAshish Gupta2017-10-251-2/+2
* Free the fetch (and http.obj handle) when errored out or finished or abortedAshish Gupta2017-10-251-4/+7
* Stop printing POST data on debug board (fixes passwords showing up)Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-18/+17
* POST Multipart worksAshish Gupta2017-10-251-13/+108
* Drop int3 in multipart fetch with log and return NULLAshish Gupta2017-10-251-1/+2
* Support urlencoded POSTAshish Gupta2017-10-251-3/+14
* Disable int3Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-1/+1
* Release nightly for KolibriOS.Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-1/+7
* Clean up debug board logging and other crapAshish Gupta2017-10-251-17/+2
* Do multiple FETCH_DATA callbacks from http fetcher instead of just one large ...Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-8/+27
* Tidy up some things.Ashish Gupta2017-10-251-13/+16
* Add http kolibrios fetcherAshish Gupta2017-10-251-0/+346